CARAVAL by Stephanie Garber Makeup Look!

So, I think my love for Stephanie Garber’s debut novel is pretty obvious. I shout about CARAVAL constantly because this story is AMAZINGGGG. If you haven’t pre-ordered it already, it’s available on Amazon, B&N and IndieBound! It’s sexy, decadent, and imaginative. It will change your dreams, it’s that good. In honor of her upcoming release (January 31st!!!), I came up with this look 🙂 I think it’s perfect for the holidays. It is a little challenging, but go slowly and it’s worth the effort. For this look, I only used the Anastasia Modern Renaissance palette and the rose gold MAC pigment pot!



  1. Prime your lids. My favorite is the Urban Decay Potion Primer in Eden. It makes the colors stick, and gives you a great payoff!
  2. Use Scotch tape to ensure a clean line with this look. Before you put it on your skin, rub it on the back of your hand so there’s not as much glue or else it can get a bit painful.
  3. You don’t have to use the MR palette, but I do think that rose/rust shades look best with this. I used the Venetian Red shade and swept this in a line above my crease. You want to make sure there’s space above the crease because you’re going to cut it later. Does that sound violent? Yes. Yes it does.
  4.  To add dimension to the eye, I took the brown shade (Cyprus Umber) and used this on the inner and outer thirds of my lids.
  5. Here comes the fun part! Time to cut the crease. With a bit of concealer and a small brush, carefully apply the concealer in a smooth line above your crease (essentially making a new crease).
  6. Go over the area where you applied concealer with a shimmery pearl color (I used Vermeer). Also add this to the inner corner of your eyes.
  7. On the outer third and center of the lids, apply a rose gold metallic shimmer. I used the MAC paint pot’s rose gold and patted this on lightly. To make the glitter color really stick, some Fix-It spray (or even a dab of contact solution on the brush) helps make the glitter vibrant.
  8. To emphasize/add dimension to the crease, use some gel eyeliner and lightly outline the outer third. Soften this with some black eyeshadow blended over where you put the eyeliner.
  9. Almost done, I swear! Now line your eyes, connecting the small line where you emphasized the crease into a cat eye.
  10. Line your water line and bottom lid. Smoke it out with some of the rust-red shade (I used Red Ochre), throw on a pair of falsies, and you’re done with the eyes!











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