A Crown of Wishes Makeup Tutorial!


I haven’t had this much fun with a makeup look in a lonnnnnnng time. Somehow, we are only SIX months away from the release of A CROWN OF WISHES. It’s absurd. This book demanded so much of me. It’s very different from The Star-Touched Queen because, like siblings — which I think is an accurate description since ACOW is not a sequel, but it’s own standalone —  they may have grown up side by side but they wanted different things out of life.

I think I rewrote ACOW at least 4x, but maybe that’s just part of my process? I’m beginning to find out that I have to write at least 2 drafts before I know what the book wants to be, which usually leaves me with a hefty 200,000+ words of NOT A BOOK. Which is fine. Most of the writers I know usually cannibalize the parts that didn’t make it into a draft and use it elsewhere. I realize how gruesome that sounds. Now you cannot say that I never warned you how writing is a harrowing profession.

Without further ado, a makeup look inspired by the glorious cover (all thanks to the genius over at MacMillan: Danielle Fiorella!) Since this summer’s trend seems to be the dramatic cut-crease, that’s the look I imitated on my model.


  1. Prime the eye (especially if you have oily lids, like me) or pat concealer over the eyelid and set it lightly with translucent powder. If you’re worried about eyelash fallout, pat a generous amount of loose powder beneath your eyes, so you can sweep it all off at the end. With a look as exact as this, I really think tape is helpful if you’re just starting off with makeup.
  2. Above your natural eyelid crease, sweep a lime green shadow starting from your inner corner. If you’re not sure where to put this line, just look in the mirror for where you’d want the green to show up when you’re looking at yourself straight on, and draw there.
  3. Layer the green! On A CROWN OF WISH’s cover I noticed shades of lime and teal, so I deepened the lime green with a teal color. Blend, blend, blend! Make sure that you’re leaving the center of the eyelid free of makeup.
  4. This is where you get the “cut” look. With a small brush and some concealer, carve out a new eyelid crease. Notice how the colors look super sharp now?
  5. Pat over the concealer with gold. You can go as shimmery as you’d like! The more pigmented, the better, but be sure to stay in the space that you created with the concealer.
  6. I decided to pat some silver eyeshadow over the gold, but that’s up to you and entirely optional!
  7. Define the space between the two colors with some black eyeshadow. Work slowly and blend it out. You want this to look like a shadow gradient on the colors, not a sweep of black.
  8. Line the eyes! This is where the tape becomes very helpful because you’ll notice that the colors are all separated at the edge of the eye. I think a dramatic wing suits this look best. If the black isn’t as pigmented as you want, use different eyeliners. Start with pencil and go over it with liquid eyeliner until your’e satisfied with the pigment.
  9. On the bottom lashline, repeat the green layering process — start with lime, then teal. Black looks a little heavy handed with this look, but do you!
  10. Top it off with lipstick and you’re done 🙂



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