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I can’t believe there’s less than 100 days until The Star-Touched Queen hits bookshelves. I wanted to celebrate the book’s rapidly approaching release with a Twitter giveaway! Follow the directions on my Twitter profile page to win an ARC, tattoo … Continue reading


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THE BEINGS: Not quite good, not quite bad, but unquestionably enimagtic, the nagas/naginis of Hindu mythology have always intrigued me. You may recognize them from their depiction on many temples as half-human, half-snake beings. But their placement in Hindu myths … Continue reading


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It’s no secret that I’m head over heels in love with The Star-Touched Queen’s cover. To the point where I want it to be with me at all times. Short of dragging around my battered ARC and waving it in … Continue reading


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Magical and enigmatic, the serpentine naginis in Hindu mythology are some of my favorite mythological beings. I’ve been fascinated with them ever since I read the Mahabharata story about Uloopi, the brave snake princess who saved Prince Arjuna’s life. I’ve … Continue reading

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